Grades: K-8

The goal of on-stage performances is to give children an opportunity to display their talents and show their appreciation of a piece of culture with which they identify. The performance should therefore demonstrate or illustrate a cultural tradition or a feature specific to that culture.

On-Stage performances can be individual or group based (limit: 10 children per group). Group performances must be led/supervised by teachers, parents or another adult responsible for the children. Each performance must be 8-10 minutes long and can involve any of the following:
  • Poetry reading
  • Dance
  • Music (Singing or instrumental) performance
  • Parody or sketch
  • Any combination of above.

All costumes must be provided by the performing individual/group. Please send a brief document detailing your show plan and any necessary props to ccf@turkishcenterboston.org. Time is available for 12 on-stage performances. Appropriate performances will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Once we receive your e-mail, you will get a confirmation and further details.

Have questions? Contact us here.

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