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Winners of Art and Writing Contest

The winners of the Art and Writing Contest were announced and awarded at the end of the Children's Cultural Festival program on April 29th. 

 Art Contest Winners for Grades 1-5 Category

1st Place: "Cultural Diversity in My World" by Esma Atli
2nd Place: "Me and My Brother" by Calla Kahan-Fagan   
3rd Place: "Dogs in Harmony" by Cydney Abnet   
Juror Honorary Award: "Me and My Brother" by Calla Kahan-Fagan    

 Writing Contest Winners for Grades 1-5 Category

1st Place: "My Specific Way of Life" by Abdelrahman Hassan   
2nd PLace: "My Culture My Home" by Aastha Gupta
3rd Place: "My Culture My Home" by Ipek Kendircioglu

 Art Contest Winners for Grades 6-8 Category

1st Place: "Tex-Mex Surprise" by Jereh M. Kamuanga
2nd Place: "International Day" by Yasmine Boukkataya
3rd Place: Feyza Yucel  

 Writing Contest Winners for Grades 6-8 Category

1st Place: "What is Culture?" by Christley Dorismond
2nd Place: "Two Cultures With-in One Person" by Jean-Pierre Charles
3rd Place: "Culture Through My Eyes" by Edwin Arias

News & Photos from CCF 2012

Children’s Cultural Festival organized by Turkish Cultural Center Boston took place on Sunday April 29th, at Boston University Morse Auditorium. The event aimed to foster cultural awareness by providing children a chance for cultural expression. Program started with opening remarks by State representative Kay Khan and Consul General of Turkey, Murat Lutem. Both Rep Khan and Mr Lutem emphasized the importance of organizing such events to increase cultural awareness.
Opening Remarks by State Rep. Kay KhanOpening Remarks by Consul General of Turkey, Murat Lutem

On behalf of Turkish Cultural Center Boston, Children's Cultural Festival Program Director, Ayse Kubra Coskun gave a warm welcome speech. 
Welcome Speech by CCF Program Director Ayse K. Coskun
 As the theme of the program is “Performances by Children for Children”, there were shows by children from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
Audience enjoyed great visual feast starting with traditional Chinese Lion Dance by GreaterBoston ChineseCultural Association (GBCCA) dance group. Lion dance is a very energetic, popular dance form accompanied by lively music. It is usually performed at the very beginning of a celebration, for example, Chinese new Year, or a ceremony to scare away the “evil spirits” and to summon good luck and fortune. 
Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association Lion DanceAudience enjoyed great visual feast starting with traditional Chinese Lion Dance.

The lion dance is followed by dulcimer solo. Dulcimer is one of the traditional Chinese music instruments, which is also known as yanqqin.
Dulcimer Solo by GBCCA

 The kids from Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association continued their amazing show with Chinese Yo Yo, that is a popular folk sport in China dating back to the Ming Dynasty. We thank performing kids from GBCCA and the group leader George Chou for their outstanding effort and contribution.

Chinese Yo Yo by GBCCA
 The program continued with authentic hard shoe dance. Traditional Celtic dance costuming made in Ireland worn by the dancers of Smith Houlihan Irish Dance Academy. We thank Smith Houlihan Irish Dance Academy and the group leader Noreen Houlihan Smith for the amazing show.
Next, the shows by the students of Korean School of New England were amazing. They performed traditional Korean Fan dance and Ganggo Drum dance. We thank Korean School of New England principal Il Nam and dance teacher Jessica Park for their valuable support and contribution.
Korean School of New England, Fan Dance

Korean School of New England, Ganggo Drum Dance
The festival continued with a contemporary traditional Haitian dance by Youth and Family Enrichment Services (YOFES) kids. We thank Geralde Gabeau, Jean-Martz Vital and Ulmiche Wagnac from YOFES for their support and contribution.
contemporary traditional Haitian dance by YOFES
The dance group from Indian Association of Greater Boston performed Medley of Bollywood dance from Om Shanti Om. We thank Choreographer and group leader Nikita Punjabi for this great show.
Careographer Nikita Punjabi from IAGB
The world tour continued with Latin America. The kids from La PiƱata Latin American Cultural  Family Network, Inc performed three traditional dances; Mangulina from the Dominican Republic, Balincha from Cuzco Peru and Machetes a folkloric popular dance from Mexico. We thank group leader and teacher Rosalba Solis and her students for their contribution.
La Pinata performed at CCF 2012
American Chinese Art Society performed three great pieces; Dynamics, Dance of the Chivalry and Circling the Mountain Forest. We thank dance teacher Jade Lin and her group for their support and contribution.
ACAS performed at CCF 2012
Next show was Nepali Festival Dance by Nepali Dance group from Bosnian Community Center for Resource Development. We thank group coordinators Gyan Sharma and Lolita Sharma for their valuable contribution.
Nepali Dance group performing at CCF 2012

Pniney Emeth – Isreali Dance Troupe reminded us that nonsense can be so funny, especially when you are a kid. Our thanks go to the group leader Alla Shimron for her outstanding support for CCF 2012.
 Pniney Emeth – Isreali Dance Troupe performed at CCF 2012
Bosnian Community Center Resource Development (BCCRD)’s KUD-Boston Sevdah performed Sota dance, which is a traditional bosnian dance. The dance features the strength  of community, dignity of movement and sensuality of courting/wedding ceremonies. We thank BCCRD executive director Adnan Zubcevic and BCCRD program director Asim Kustura for their amazing performance.
 KUD Boston Sevdah performed Sota dance at CCF 2012

We thank our sponsors, participating institutions and  Turkish Cultural Center volunteers for making such an event possible.

Stay tuned for next year's Children's Cultural Festival!



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